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09/11/2011 Whole crispy waffle in the new BREAK

The already successful line of ION Break chocolates is being now enriched with a new surprising taste that will delight the young and the old. This is the new Break waffle which contains two whole-square waffles with rich hazelnut praline filling. The crisp ION waffle, with hazelnut praline and Break milk chocolate surrounding it, creates a very successful tasty result that will win many, many friends. The new Break waffle adds to the large family of Break chocolates which includes the Milk Break, the Break with hazelnuts or almonds, the Break with nuts and raisins, the Break stuffed with strawberry or coconut, the white Break with raisins and nuts and the Break with biskotinia.

ION is the only company in Greece that has integrated the production process of chocolate and cocoa, directly from the fruit of cocoa to the finished product. The whole import of cocoa beans in Greece are exclusively conducted by ION SA. Thus the company is able to control fully the quality and distinctive taste of its products.