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ION, the only Greek chocolate factory with complete production process of chocolate complements its rich variety of products with a new line of chocolates. The ION JOIN series with modern packaging in-flow pack, consists of 4 flavors: waffle, biscuit, caramel and whole almonds.
Each flavor creates a new combination with the beloved ION milk chocolate:
1. Milk chocolate with whole wafer and hazelnut praline filling.
2. Milk chocolate with wholegrain biscuits petit-beurre wholegrain and white cream.
3. Milk chocolate with freshly roasted whole almonds produced exclusively in Greece.
4. Milk chocolate with creamy caramel and fresh butter flavor.
This new juvenile series is a new proposal from ION and is aimed at those who want to explore new flavors. JOIN chocolates can be found in all food stores, small grocery stores and kiosks.
The whole import of cocoa beans in Greece are exclusively conducted by ION SA. Thus the company is able to control fully the quality and distinctive taste of its products.