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17/04/2013 So Comic and ION Sokofreta in Comicdom Con Athens 2013

ION Sokofreta , participates in Comicdom Con Athens 2013, which takes place from 19 to 21 April at the Hellenic American Union, through its SoComic blog ( SoComic is the blog of Greek cartoonists, supported by ION Sokofreta, that's being updated on a daily basis and highlighting the work of contemporary Greek artists of the ninth Art. For three days, and ION will be at the exhibition Comicdom Con Athens 2013 ( 22, Massalias Street, Hellenic American Union) offering Sokofretes, comics, exciting competitions and other gifts!
April 19-21
Comicdom Con Athens 2013
22, Massalias Street Hellenic American Report
Free Entrance