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New Derby with mini biscuits from ION

 21/10/2011 New Derby with mini biscuits from ION

A delicious new flavor joins the highly successful and beloved ION Derby. With rich cocoa nougat filling and ION milk chocolate coating and mini crisp biscuits, the new Derby adds another delightful offering in this successful product range.

The delicious cocoa nougat with its soft texture, blends fantastically with the crispy biscuits and milk chocolate giving a rich aand tasteful result. The new product weighs 38 grams. With the addition of the new Derby with mini biscuits, Derby series offers a wide range of flavors and sizes including the Gold Derby with crisp rice and coconut filling, the Derby Ygeias for dark chocolate lovers and of course the Mini Derby for the whole family, or friends, at home or outside it, any time of the day.