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 14/10/2013 JOIN chocolate gets flooded with hazelnuts

ION's specifc type of milk chocolate filled with a high amount of praline - internationally known also as 'Gianduja' - and whole hazelnuts is the ultimate hazelnut experience, meet the new Join Gianduja.

It's the first time in the Greek market that one can find a Gianduja milk chocolate filled with whole hazelnuts. With the addition of this new flavor, JOIN ION series consists of 5 individual flavors: waffle, biscuit, caramel, whole almonds and now the new Gianduja with whole hazelnuts .

This new flavor complements the modern range of Join ION chocolates, implementing modern packaging in flow pack, that was presented last year and has already won a significant share of the Greek chocolate market.

This new juvenile series is a new proposal from ION and is aimed at those who want to explore new flavors. JOIN chocolates can be found in all food stores, small grocery stores and kiosks.

The whole import of cocoa beans in Greece are exclusively conducted by ION SA. Thus the company is able to control fully the quality and distinctive taste of its products.